Basketball Boys Ignatius Butt
Ian Cadenhead
Kemal Ezercane
Max Gallagher
John Grierson
Sam McGuinness
Woman with fan Evi Spiliotopoulos
Baby Alexander Andrade
Max Max Gallagher
Woman on Escalator Helen Yagi
Skipper Annamay Pierse
Girls in Sprinkler Bridget Gallagher
Lauren Perry
Boys on roundabout Brody Burdeny
Max Gallagher
Barber Shop Louis Bohay
Max Gallagher
Cyclists Andrea Scott
Owen Scott
Matthew Green
Tom Birk
Girl Sleeping Bridget Gallagher
Sleeping Cowboy Ken McCaugherty
Kids on Swings Bridget Gallagher
Max Gallagher
Alexi Jones
Patrick Perry
Lauren Perry
Frances Perry
Renatta Saunders
Brendan Saunders
Shooter Jon Price
Girl in fountain Alison Bones
Boy on Swing Max Gallagher
Pilot Walt Lannon
Sports Car Driver Byron Lamarque
Ping Pong Player
Man on Beach
Andrej Marko
Iaido Student Kelvin Po
Man by Waterfall Joshua Gollish
Woman with train Anita Torrance
Voice Over Courtney Lancaster
Thanks To Artino Ahmadi
Alison Bones
Clay Dixon
Michelle Kuen Suet Fung
Yu Gu
Catherine Lutes
Jaroslav Marko
Ab Moshansky
Chris Neal
Emily Nixon
Marguerite toews
Yaz Torii
Fred Tremblay
Andrew White
Johana Wong
Thanks To Department of Theatre and Film
Deluxe Vancouver
Production Support Joshua Gollish
Brad Crowe
Andrej Marko
Film Lab/Transfer Deluxe Vancouver
Funding Provided by Canada Council for the Arts
Conseil des Arts du Canada
British Columbia Arts Council
University of British Columbia Humanities and Social Science Research Fund
A Film by Chris Gallagher