Chris Gallagher, director of Time Being . Photo by Michelle Kuen Suet Fung.

Time Being was shot with an Arri IIC on 35mm film and transferred to digibetacam and edited with Final Cut Pro. Chris Gallagher did the camera work with the assistance of:

  • Joshua Gollish, currently working in the camera department on features in the United States.
  • Brad Crowe, currently finishing his Masters in film production at USC.
  • Andrej Marko, currently directing and editing for Storybubble Pictures

The sequences are a combination of fictional, staged for camera, and documentary, real events. The shooting took place principally during the summer over a few years and approximately 100 sequences were shot with 88 being included in the film. The narration was written by Chris Gallagher and performed by Courtney Lancaster. The music and soundscape was made with Apple Soundtrack Pro audio loops by Chris Gallagher.

Andrej Marko prepares a car for the car wash shot which was not included in the final show.

Brad Crowe sets up a dolly for the pan across about 750 rings on this tree slice at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.

Pilot Walt Lannon prepares for take off in his Harvard WWII trainer with Max Gallagher as his passenger. Max was ten years old at that time and after doing rolls and a loop he reported no apprehension during the experience. Does being young insulate one from fear. Walt sold the Harvard and as of 2010 was rebuilding a vintage Chinese trainer.

The guys on the steed cycle team after the shot from a mini van running parallel to them on a quiet stretch of road.

Yazutake Torii shook the branches to make the blossoms fall as the gentle wind was not enough.

Yu Gu assisted on this shot of a creek in a deep ravine. She recently completed her masters at USC.