WATERFALLS – 2016 / 10:00 / HD

A waterfall offers serene calm to the observer of its motion and sound; it is a natural movie. The endless quality evokes the film loop or GIF dynamic and offers a glimpse of the infinite. Staring into a waterfall one is hypnotized and psychically transported as one is watching a film. Falling has its own poetic beauty which softens the violence of tons of water crashing onto rock and over time cutting the material away and reshaping the land. One is in awe of a large waterfall’s energy as a reflection of nature’s power in relation to the physical capacity of one’s own body. These magnificent thoughts play out in a smaller way with the man-made fountains and ornamental waterfalls in this film. What should be laughable in their puny mimic of nature’s falling water actually succeeds on many levels, suggesting that there is an alchemy to gravity acting on water; a sustained motion facilitating an intense experience of the present. The water was falling before you observed it and will continue to fall when you look away because water falls.