WHERE IS MEMORY – 1992 / 97:00 / 16mm to SD

Part fictional narrative, part travelogue, part documentary, this unusual film serves as another sign that non-fiction film as we know it is going through a major revolution. Engaging fictional narrative elements to create a ‘mystery,’ Where is Memory is a boldly original and affecting meditation on the nature of complicity and the Third Reich. Masterful use of archival footage matched with contemporary footage of Europe, a haunting score and an inspired mix of realities for a thoughtfully framed poetic odyssey that charts new cinematic territory.

— Judges’ Award, Northwest International Film Festival

Mixing narrative with archival and new footage,Where is Memory traces the dreamlike journey of the ‘Sleepwalker’ through contemporary Germany. After finding a suitcase full of Nazi memorabilia at his door, he embarks on a quest to historic sites of the Third Reich, exploring the past with an old movie camera and trying to mediate memories that may or may not be real. The film deftly intercuts modern and historic footage, such ass the 1936 Olympic Stadium, the bridge at Remagen, the Fuhrerbau (Hitler’s Munich office) and Hitler’s retreat high in the Bavarian Alps – often matching camera placement, movement and types of lenses exactly. “The effect is thoroughly disturbing and original. The Sleepwalker’s trek culminates in a meeting with Eva Adolphina Hitler, who claims to be the Fuhrer’s granddaughter. This unorthodox and passionate film essay vivifies questions of fact and fiction, memory and denial and the differences between written history, photographic evidence and individual memory.

— Seattle International Film Festival

Where is Memory is accurate in its facts and locations, but is intended to be subjective; creating an experience rather than being about an experience.

— Festival Du Nouveau Cinema