Screenings / Exhibitions – Film

2021Disco-Babel, Nantes, France – Seeing in the Rain
Groupe  6, Paris, – Seeing in the Rain, Terminal City
2019Light Cone (scratch collection) – Seeing in the Rain
Centre de Cultura CONTEMPORÀNIA Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona, Spain – Undivided Attention
Le Bal,  Paris Seeing in the Rain
Collectif Mu, Paris – Terminal City
2016Noise and Soundscape in Structural Film, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelon – Seeing in the Rain
Present Perfect, Vancouver International Film Centre 17 Short films
2015Mire, Nantes, France – Plastic Surgery
Rhythmus 17, Open City Cinema, Winnipeg – Seeing in the Rain
FILMMADRID, Alteraciones del espacio, Madrid, Spain – Seeing in the Rain
MovieLab: Urban Landscapes, les ateliers claus, Bruxelles, Belgium – Terminal City
The Image Before Us, Pacific Cinemateque, Vancouver – Seeing in the Rain
Concordia Moving Image, Montreal – Mirage
2014Lima Independiente Festival Internacional De Cine, Centro Cultural de España en Lima, June 1, 2014 – Seeing in the Rain
2013Backbone, 2013 DOXA Film festival, Vancouver, May 4th and 12thSeeing in the Rain
E-M ARTS associazione culturale, Naples, ITALIE, 29/06/2013, – Terminal City
Le Bal, Paris, FRANCE, 04/06/2013, – Terminal City
Rencontres Internationales Du Documentaire De Montreal Kino-Pedals, 13-24 November, 2013, Montreal – Seeing in the Rain
L’Association du Tati Roulant, Lille, France – Mirage
Concordia Moving Image, Montreal – Mirage
2012Art for Consenting Adults – Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society
Vancouver – Seeing in the Rain
C. 1983 – Presentation House Gallery and Pacific Cinematheque – Terminal City
Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, The Passions; Dresden, Germany – Seeing in Rain, Mirage
Mire, Nantes, France – Buddha’s Pizza, Hear to There, Terminal City
Autre Exil, Lille, France – Terminal City
L’Association du Tati Roulant, Lille, France – Mirage, Seeing in the Rain
VisonTV national broadcast relicense – Mortal Remains
Illuminate Yaletown, Vancouver – Time Being
Antitube, Quebec City – Mirage
2011Backbone Vancouver Experimental Cinema – Seeing in the Rain
Vancouver 125 – Seeing in the Rain
Winter Solstices, Vancouver – Time Being
Time’s Excesses in Music, Literature and Art, Caen, France – Time Being
Braquage & le Studio Galande, Paris – Time Being
Time-based art, Vancouver – Seeing in the Rain
E-M ARTS O.N.L.U.S, Naples, Italy – Mirage
2010Okanagan International Film Festival – Time Being
Vancouver International Film Centre – Time Being
Strasbourg International Film Festival – Time Being
200936th Northwest Film and Video Festival, Portland, USA – Time Being
Light Cone (Scratch), Paris, France – Seeing in the Rain
Nyktalop Mélodie, Poitiers cedex, France – Seeing in the Rain
2008Elu par cette crapule, Le Havre, France – Seeing in the Rain
Espace Grün, Cernay, France – Seeing in the Rain
2007Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Tours, TOURS CEDEX 1, France – Seeing in the Rain
2006Belkin Satellite – The Infra-Structural Image Vancouver – Seeing in The Rain
2005Centre Pompidou – La Pellicule Du Chaos En Marge De L’exposition – Terminal City
Conseil Général du Territoire de Belfort / espace multimédia gantner, Bourogne, France – Seeing in the Rain
2003Maison de la Culture de Bourges, Bourges, France – Seeing in the Rain
Mire Nantes, France – Seeing in the Rain
Musée Léon Dierx , Saint-Denis de la Réunion, France – Seeing in the Rain
2002Vision TV, Nation Broadcast – Mortal Remains
Le Plateau / Frac Ile-de-France, Paris, France – Seeing in the Rain
LUX Nijmegen, Nijmegen, Pays-Bas – Seeing in the Rain
Maison de la Culture de Bourges, Bourges, France – Seeing in the Rain
Mire, Nantes, France – Seeing in the Rain
2001Making Death a Part of Life Conference – Foxglove Films Inc – Mortal Remains
1999Ethnicolor, Bordeaux, France – Seeing in the Rain
Associazione Culturale Generazione Media, Milan, Italy – Seeing in the Rain
Soc. Coop. arl A lato, Bologne, Italy – Seeing in the Rain
L’Abominable La Courneuve, France – Seeing in the Rain
Sciences en Fête, Balma, France – Seeing in the Rain
Braquage Paris, France – Seeing in the Rain
1997Centre Georges Pompidou, “In Front of History”, Paris – Where is memory
1994One World Film Festival, Ottawa, Guest Screening – Where is memory
Semana de Cine Experimental, Madrid, Spain – Where is memory
SBS TV, National Television License, Australia – Where is memory
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France – Terminal City
1993Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, Guest Screening
Florida Film Festival, Orlando, USA – Where is memory
Seattle International Film Festival, USA – Where is memory
Festival of Festivals, Toronto, Short films
1992Festival International Du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal – Where is memory
Northwest Film and Video Festival, Portland, USA – Where is memory
Cinematheque Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Undivided Attention
1991La Part Du Visuel, Opening Address, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France. – Terminal City
La Part du Visuel, Switzerland, Belgium, France – Undivided Attention
1988Edinburgh International Film Festival, invited guest – Undivided Attention
San Francisco Cinematheque – Undivided Attention
Millennium, New York – Undivided Attention
Film Forum, Los Angeles – Undivided Attention
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan, USA – Undivided Attention
1987Festival of Festivals, Toronto, Guest – Undivided Attention
Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal – Undivided Attention
Athens Film Festival, Ohio, USA – Undivided Attention
Yorkton Film Festival, Saskatchewan – Undivided Attention
Northwest Film & Video Festival, Portland, USA – Undivided Attention
Chicago Art Institute – Undivided Attention
Concordia University, Montreal – Undivided Attention
Innis College, University of Toronto – Undivided Attention
Regina Public Library, Regina – Undivided Attention
Winnipeg Film Group, Winnipeg – Undivided Attention
Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon – Undivided Attention
Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver – Undivided Attention
1986Los Angeles Film Forum, Short films
Manhattan Cable, Cast Iron TV, Short films
1985The Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina – Short films
Winnipeg Film Group, Winnipeg, Short films
1984Festival of Festivals, Toronto, Guest, Short films
Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Short films
1983Vancouver Art & Artists 1930-83 Film Screenings, Short films
London Filmmakers Co-op, London, England, Short films
1982Biennale De Paris, International Exhibition of New Art, Paris, France. Invited guest, Seeing in the Rain
O’Kanada, West Berlin, Short films
Northwest Film & Video Festival Tour of North America, Short films
The Arsenal, West Berlin, Group Screening, Short films
Oberhausen International Film Festival, West Germany, Short films
Ann Arbour Film Festival, Michigan, USA, Short films
Canadian High Commission Film Tour, England, Short films
Anthology Film Archives, USA, Short films
Pasadena Film Forum, USA, Short films
Cinema Parallele, Montreal, Short films
The Funnel, Toronto, Short films
Pacific Cinematheque Pacifique, Vancouver, Short films
Open Space, Victoria, Santa Sideshow, Atmosphere, The Nine O’Clock Fun, Terminal City and Seeing in the Rain
1981Knowledge Network, USA Television Broadcast, Kitsilano Solar House
Buffalo Media Study Centre, USA, Short films
The Funnel, Toronto, Short films
Cineworks Tour, National, Short films
Pacific Cinematheque Pacifique, Vancouver Filmmakers, Short films
1980C.B.C. Kitsilano Solar House
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan, USA, Short films
C.B.C. Pacific Wave, Vancouver, Short films
Video Inn, Living Arts Performance Festival, Vancouver, Short films
1979Third International Avant Garde Film Festival, London, England, Invited guest, Atmosphere.
1978George Pompidou Centre, Paris, France, Short films
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Short films
American Federation of Arts, Experimental Film in the 70’s Tour, North America, Short films
Collective for Living Cinema, New York, USA, Short films
1977Edinburgh Film Festival, Scotland, Short films
The Funnel, Toronto, Short films
Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, Short films
1976Bellevue International Film Festival, Bellingham, Washington, USA, Short Films
Ann Arbour Film Festival, Michigan, USA, Short films
1975Northwest Film & Video Festival, Portland, USA, Short films
Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, Short films

Film Collections

2016XCENTRIC – Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Cinema digital archive, Seeing in the Rain
2014Angular: Cine experimental y videocreación, Seeing in the Rain
2011Concordia University Library Film and Video Studies, Seeing in the Rain
2005York University Library Film and Video, Terminal City and Atmosphere
1997Concordia University, Montreal Seeing In The Rain
1995Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris Terminal City
1992Art Bank, Canada Council, Ottawa, Atmosphere
1991Art Bank, Canada Council, Seeing in the Rain
1990Art Bank, Canada Council, Undivided Attention
1988National Archives of Canada, Undivided Attention
1985National Archives of Canada, Seeing in the Rain
1984Metro Toronto Public Library, Santa
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Calgary, Terminal City
Vancouver Art Gallery, Mirage
1983Canadian High Commission – London, England, Seeing in the Rain
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Seeing in the Rain
1982Sheridan College, Oakville, Seeing in the Rain
1980Provincial Educational Media Centre, Kitsilano Solar House
1978Queens University, Kingston, Atmosphere
University of Montreal, Atmosphere
1977Pacific Cinematheque Pacifique, Vancouver, Plastic Surgery


2016Water Falls – 7:33 / HD
Jump The Gun – 7:46 / HD
2015Optical Silence – 4:33 / HD
Velocity Made Not Very Good – 4:33 / HD
2014From Time to Time – 9:21 / HD
Coping with Loss – 4:33 / HD
2013Dis Solve – 4:33 / HD
Iris – 4:33 / HD
2012Future Perfect – 5:00 / 35mm to HD
Silent Fiction– 4:33 / HD
The I in Film– 3:20 / HD
2011From Hear to There – 7:20 / HD
Movie Still – 4:07 / SD
It’s Only A Movie – 4:18 / SD
2010Thaw – 3:48 / HD
You are Here – 6:37 / HD
Euclid’s Gym – 2:36 / HD
The Reals – 1:11 / SD
Do as I say not as I do – 1:09 / SD
2009Time Being – 88:00 / 35mm to HD
1992Where is Memory – 97:00 / 16mm, SD
1987Undivided Attention– 107:00 / 16mm, SD
1983Mirage – 8:00 / 16mm, HD
1982Terminal City -10:00 / 16mm, SD
1981Seeing in the Rain – 10:00 /16mm, HD
1980The Nine O’clock Gun – 9:00 / 16mm, SD
1979Santa – 8:00 /16mm
1976Atmosphere – 11:00 /16mm, SD
1975Plastic Surgery – 20:00 / 16mm, SD
197311-12 – 4:00 / 16mm
1972Sideshow – 5:00 / 16mm

Foxglove Films / Other

2003Chius A Two Way Street – 19:04 / SD (Producer, Camera, Editor)
2000Mortal Remains – 52:00 / 16mm to Beta SP
1999Breaking Bad News – 8:00 / Beta SP
Breaking News Badly – 8:00 / Beta SP
1994Homework and Great Looking Hair – 23:35 / 16mm to Beta SP
1980Kitsalano Solar House – 23:00 / 16mm
1976Listen to the Music Makers – 15:00 / 16mm (Camera, Editor)
1986Self-Polaroids – 7:00 / ¾” video
1983History of Art – Videodisc
1982The Vancouver Video Disc – (Creative Consultant, Cinematographer)
1980Filmmakers Showcase – 20:00 / ¾” video

Photography – Exhibitions

2017I Will Not Shoot any more Polaroid Pictures, Autoform Gallery, Capture Photography Festival
2016Around Here, Pendulum Gallery, Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver BC
2015Project Impossible Canada V2.0, Science World
2014Project Impossible Canada V1.0, Photohaus Gallery
2006Mirror Mirror Self-Portraits, group show, Richmond Art Gallery
1992Nine of a Kind – 34 works in Polaroid, Faculty Club, UBC and Gallery 56, Vancouver
1984-5Contemporary Canadian Photography, National Film Board, Book and National Tour
1983Vancouver Art and Artist 1930-1983, Vancouver Art Gallery
1982Privileged Views, Gallery Reflections, one-man show, Vancouver
New Canadian Photography, Canadian Centre of Photography and Film, Toronto
Group Show, Gallery Reflections, Vancouver
1981True North, Optica Gallery, Montreal
Sights of History, National Film Board, National Tour
1980Works in Cibachrome, National Film Board Gallery, Ottawa
13 Cameras/Vancouver, Norman Mackenzie Gallery, Regina
Station to Station, A Space (Toronto Subway)
Creative Flight, Surrey Arts Gallery
Portraits, Western Front, Vancouver
Vancouver Fresh, Kamloops Art Gallery
197813 Cameras/Vancouver, Vancouver Art Gallery
1977Xerox Show, Western Front, Vancouver
1974Scan, Vancouver Art Gallery
Emerging Artists, UBC Fine Arts Gallery, Vancouver

Installations / Performance

2016Pendulum Gallery, Take me to your Leader
2012Illuminate Yaletown, Time Being
2010Winter Solstice, UBC, Time Being
1993Artropolis, with Al Benjamin, Vancouver, Dollar Forty-Nine Day
1985Neutral Ground, Regina; Plug In / Winnipeg Film Group, Winnipeg, Aerial Image
1980Tungsten Shadows, Vancouver, Slide Show
Living Arts Performance Festival Cabaret, with Sir Real, Vancouver, Santa Claus
1977Tungsten Shadows, Vancouver, Santa’s Luau
1976Tungsten Shadows, Vancouver, The Kodak Kahuna Show

Awards and Distinctions

2021Moments of Perception: Experimental Film in Canada, 2021, by Michael Zryd, Stephen Broomer, Jim Sheddan, Barbara Sternberg
2015Project Impossible Canada V2.0, Science World, Honorable Mention
2014Project Impossible Canada V1.0, Photohaus Gallery, Honorable Mention
2010Honorable mention, Los Angeles International Film Festival – Time Being
Best Feature Experimental, Strasbourg International Film Festival – Time Being
Silver Screen Award, Documentary Film Competition, Nevada Film Festival –Time Being
2009Rising Star, Canada International Film Festival – Time Being
Cinéma du Réel – International Documentary Film Festival, poster image Terminal City
1993Bronze Award, Independent Theatrical Feature Film, Worldfest Houston, USA Where is Memory
1992Judges Choice, 19th Northwest Film Festival, Portland, USA – Where is Memory
1989Director’s Choice, Black Maria Film Festival – Undivided Attention
1988Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Michigan, USA – Undivided Attention
1987Golden Sheaf Award, Yorkton Film Festival – Undivided Attention
Merit Award, Athens International Film Festival, Ohio, USA – Undivided Attention
1984Aerial Image, Winner of Neutral Ground, National Site Installation competition
Honorable mention, Northwest Film and Video Festival, Portland, Oregon – Seeing in the Rain
1976Honorable mention, Bellevue Film Festival – Atmosphere

Texts On Work

Moments of Perception: Experimental Film in Canada, 2021, by Michael Zryd, Stephen Broomer, Jim Sheddan, Barbara Sternberg; P. 208-211 Stephen Broomer
The Elusive Present Chris Gallagher’s Seeing in the Rain, February 10, 2016 by Stephan Broomer.
Chris Gallagher: Terminal City (an interview) (1994), Chris Gallagher: Movie Machines (1994) – 2001, Inside the Pleasure Dome: Fringe Film in Canada, ed. Mike Hoolboom, 2nd edition; Coach House Press.
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Publications, Journals

“Joe Fafard, Mendel Art Gallery,” Review of Joe Fafard’s retro-spective. Vanguard Magazine, February 1988
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1992 – 2016University of British Columbia, Associate Professor Film
1988 – 1992University of British Columbia, Assistant Professor Film
1984-1987University of Regina, Assistant Professor Film