GROUP 6, September 15, 2021

Dye-sublimation on Aluminum, 30X43″, artist frame (not shown).

One exposure, one second with one revolution during exposure creates a continue moment; smearing representation around the frame with the radial pan device, pictured, used to make the exposure.

The radial pan device used to make the exposure for SPIN CYCLE and the Around Here pictures.


Archival ink jet print on water colour paper, 30X36″, 1987-2019, Winner of the TR Trades Fine Art Scan and Print contest.

LightCone: Time is an Invention

LightCone: Seeing in the Rain

” In the foreground of Undivided Attention, we see a dark tunnel through which a train passes. This darkness is the one in the movie itself, which we came out of at the end. (…) The whole movie is framed by the shots where the train enters the tunnel at the beginning and leaves the tunnel at the end. Reminds us of the first Luminere film, so the idea of returning to childhood also brings us back to the childhood of cinema. Having chased the light at the end of the tunnel, we are left with our own resources, back to the real world, out of the tunnel. The movie is over “. Chris Gallager Undivided Attention Chris Gallager Undivided Attention

Richmond Art Gallery: Savour Art Auction

CAPTURE Exhibition: “I WILL NOT SHOOT ANYMORE POLAROID PICTURES”, April 13th-27th, 2017, Artform Gallery

Vancouver Sun’s Malcolm Perry reviews Chris Gallagher’s newest exhibition I WILL NOT SHOOT ANYMORE POLAROID PICTURES, on at Artform Gallery. The exhibitions runs until April 27th, 2017.

“AROUND HERE”, until March 25th, 2017, Lipont Place

Only a few more days to go see AROUND HERE at Lipont Place in Richmond! The exhibition will run until March 25th, 2017.


Watch for the new exhibition I WILL NOT SHOOT ANYMORE POLAROID PICTURES at Artform Gallery, April 13-27, 2017 – part of the Capture Festival.

“MirrorriM” Thursday June 2nd, 8pm

“MirrorriM” played at the One-Take Super 8 program hosted by The Iris Film Collective.

New Work By Chris Gallagher

A new work by Chris Gallagher, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER, is a film sculpture/installation commenting on the physicality of analogue film.

Michael Turner on Chris Gallagher

Canadian Art writer Michael Turner found Chris Gallagher on Kingsway.

Pendulum Gallery Media Release

Pendulum Gallery’s media release for Chris Gallagher’s latest show Around Here can be downloaded here.

POSTCARDS Present Perfect and Around Here

Download and share these postcards here and here.


See page 35 of April/May 2016 of Preview.


Canadian Art

Look in the Spring 2016 issue of Canadian Art on page 35 to see the ad for the Pendulum Gallery show Around Here.

Canadian Art

Steven Broomer

The Elusive Present: Chris Gallagher’s Seeing in the Rain, Stephen Broomer, February 10, 2016


Angular offers a terrific collection of experimental films including Seeing in the Rain.

Angular Films

Present Perfect Shots by Chris Gallagher, APR 25, 2016, 8:15 pm

You’re invited to attend the viewing of Chris Gallagher’s Present Perfect , a program of short films, at the Vancity Theatre.

Vancity Theatre

Around Here, APR 14, 2016, 6 pm

Chris Gallagher’s latest photographic exhibition Around Here will run from April 11-28 at the Pendulum Gallery, in conjunction with Vancouver’s 2016 Capture Photo Festival.

Capture Photo Festival exhibition page

Noise and soundscape in structural film, The CCCB’s cinema, 18 February 2016       

The Big Red, Sunday AUG 30, 2015

Come to the viewing of Chris Gallagher’s Big Redan “early work Big Red [that] brought humor to the structural film tradition” and launched his career.

Facebook event here.