THEN IS HERE – 2016 / 60:00 loop / Single Channel Video SD / USB edition of 5

Every specific time seems to reside in a place and every special place seems to be located within a specific time such that one could speculate that time and space are so closely related they could be interchangeable. On this site at 7:05 July 5, 1981 the Devonshire Hotel was demolished in a few seconds to make way for the current building. This event was shot at 200 fps from the second floor of the kitty-corner Vancouver Hotel and became a short film called Terminal City. That brief specific event is now purely virtual as the place of that time does offer any tangible connection to that identical space of 7:05, July 5, 1981.

This piece plays the event over and over mocking the ferocious appetite time has for experience. The image shows the physical building transforming into a dust cloud, modeling this inevitable process that moves all things, including us, from the real to the virtual not as a fatalistic point of despair but rather as a glorious process that transforms physicality into consciousness similar to the way experience transforms into memory. One can theorize that place/body is physical and time/consciousness is virtual and after the end the virtual is what could be said to remain. Since there is no longer any place and hence no time; we will be released from the state of then having achieved a true now.