FUTURE PERFECT – 2012 / 5:00 / 35mm to HD

Future Perfect was shot by making five passes directed by five different people on the same piece of 35mm film. The concept notes the point where we no longer need physicality to make images rather they exist now in a spiritual/virtual space rather than an earthly/analogue place. We no longer need to touch in order to see, an image does not need substance; it is not a thing. The film celebrates the transubstantiation of the image that we now believe even though it no longer has physicality. The woman is a pure and ideal icon without a physical/spatial presence as the act of representation situates her firmly in the now, unlike the mind which seems to be constantly emerging; moving from a there through the here to another there; constantly in a state of then. The invading images hint at the evolution of the moving image from the physical/analogue to the spiritual/virtual a process that is ongoing with a trajectory of its own.